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Last 10, Top 10 - August 2018 Part 2 (05-01)

She was the heart in your heartbreak / She was the miss in your mistake / And no matter what you take / You're never going to forget

Let's finsh it. After a buch of films in PART 1, these five were even better - although I've once again got to mention that nearly all of them are great - so the distinctions are reeeeealy small. Enjoy!

5: Blade Runner 2049, dir.: Denis Villeneuve 2017 - DVD / Bluray

A technical marvel to behold. You could pause this movie at any few seconds and you could frame this scene, put it on your wall and you would have an incredible piece of art. This ranking seems to be really low and I am sure I will watch this one for the following years to come and appreciate it even more. For the moment, one of the greatest sci-fi movies of the last few years, creating a unique, harrowing atmosphere in a nightmarish, neon environment. A young blade runner named 'K' (Ryan Gosling) unveils a massive conspiracy relating to the missing Deckard (Harrison Ford).

4: Wind River, dir.: Tyler Sheridan 2017 - DVD / BluRay

Life in a reservation can be unimaginable hard for Native Americans, especially when this reservations is one of the largest, located in the rough north with long winters and nearly any of escape or a bright future. A young woman is found dead, walking barefoot through the freezing night. The FBI is consulted and Agent Banner (Elizabeth Olsen), an unexperienced rookie, enters the crime scene. She is received sceptically not only by local police enforcement (Graham Greene from "Dancing with the Wolves"-fame) and hunter / tracker Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) who will help her in her investigation. A thrilling and unexpectedly compelling movie in a part of the USA I was not aware of.

3: I Am Not Your Negro, dir.: Raol Peck 2016 - DVD /BluRay

Here we have an incredibly immersive, angering and completely mesmerizing documentary feature focusing on the struggle of Afro Americans in America. The film is based on an unfinished novel by James Baldwin and it... I am quite lost for words to be honest with you. Baldwin was close friends with civil moment leaders who were all assassinated - Dr Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Medgar Evers. He wanted to write a novel about their lives, but upon his death in 1987, only 30 pages were completed. Raol Peck used these remaining documents to span the focus of his documentatry even further, up unto our current time. I've very rarely seen a piece of art that left me this speechless.

2: Lady Bird, dir.: Greta Gerwin 2017, DVD / BluRay

This movie has it all: hilarious moments, grand emotional scenes and the ability to capture not only the zeitgeist of 2002, but also what it means to grow up in a provicial town (for Lady Bird at least) and wanting to get out of there. Christine (Saorsie Ronan in one of the greatest performances of the last few years) gave herself the name 'Lady Bird' - ICONIC SCENE - and she is attending a catholic high school in Sacramento, California. She is unhappy with her boring envorinment, she wants to go to the mundane east coast and is quite the rebellious young woman. But her mother (Laurie Metcalf, rightfully nominated for an Oscar - you guys should know her as Sheldon's mom from "The Big Bang Theory") has other plans - "With [her] work ethic [she] will attend city college" and naturally there is a lot of conflict between those two. I don't want to spoil anything just go see it, preferibly with your mom, you won't regret it.

1: A Silent Voice / koe no katachi (The Shape of Voice), dir.: Naoko Yamada 2016 - DVD / Bluray

I already loved the manga it was based on, one of the greatest books I've read in the last years, regardless of its genre. The story is ultimatly very much relatable and you feel yourself caught in memories in some of the scenes that are presented.

The story centers around Shouyu, a reckless and wild student at a Japanese high-school who, upon arrival of Shoko whose hearing is impaired, is getting even more unhinged. He bullies her which finally leads to her leaving the school. Shouyu is accused of being the leader of this harassment and the other students are avoiding and ignoring him. From this moment on, the story jumps ahead in time and Shoyu meets Shoko many years later and he is living a life full of regret.

I've got to be honest with you: This is not your typical happy anime, this is the heavy stuff, a glass case of emotion so to speak. But man is it worth it. Despite all the sadness, sorrow and anger, there is also a whole lot of affection you feel towards these masterfully created characters. A whole lot of humour is also found in there, a welcome light moment, which makes this film to be a whole lot easier to digest. Highly recommended.

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Last 10, Top 10 - August 2018, Part 1 (10-06)

We need, like, a computer whizz, like one of them Facebook boys.

Welcome back to this glorious website, celebrating all things movies. In this latest entry I would like to share with you the last ten movies I watched and I will rank them in order of my preference. I you want to find out a little more about the movies I'm writing about, visit my letterboxd profile. And as always, ENJOY!! (shout-out to Chef John)

For this month's selection I've gotta say that most films were excellent so it was really hard for me to get this bunch in order.

10: Dredd - dir.: Pete Travis (2012) - Amazon Prime

The remake of the 1995 Sly Stallone action flick delivers an awesome dystopian atmosphere and ACTION in capital letters. Like the modern classic "The Raid", "Dredd" is located in a huge appartment building, where a helplessly outgunned, outmanned (Thanks, Burr) group  - this time a masked Carl Urban and his young partner with some great supernatural tricks up her sleeve. An enjoyable flick which sadly gets a little stale during the middle, some variation would have been appreciated.

9: mother! - dir.: Darren Aronofsky (2017) - Amazon Prime

Where to start... this CRAZY movie is one large biblical allegory. When you know about this premise, then you are on the lucky side, don't take it too seriously. Jennifer Lawrence is a woman living in a big house with her husband played by Javier Bardem. While she is constantly decorating and building the house, he is a writer and one day some people come to their house to live there, to the dismay of her. Weirdness galore but truly a fascinating watch that shifts into another gear when she is with child. A movie not for the faint of heart. But if you want to see something unique and demanding movies of the last few years.

8: A Walk Among The Tombstones - dir.: Scott Frank (2014) - Netflix

A Liam Neeson action flick without that much "Taken" action? And I really enjoyed this one?! Hell yeah I did. What we have here is more in the mold of classic private investigator movies like "Maltese Falcon" or "Chinatown" (not that "Tombstones" reaches the quality of those, don't get me wrong). Neeson plays a former cop turned PI who is hired by a quite shady and un-Matthew-Crawley-like Dan Stevens to locate his missing wife. This movie has some great suspensful moments and a charming side-kick. Nothing special but if you are craving for a really solid thriller, this one migth be it.

7: Logan Lucky - dir.: Steven Soderbergh (2017) - Amazon Prime (Trailer hidden in the headline)

NOW we are entering absolute must-watch territory. What a blast this one is. Located in rural West Virginia (Country Rooooooads), this gangster heist movie feels like a hilarious white-trash version of "Ocean's Eleven" which of course was ALSO directed by Soderbergh, he really makes this kind of genre so enjoyable. Anyway, we have the Logan brothers - Channing Tatum, dealing with a stiff leg - and Adam Driver, missing one arm (the old Skywalker tradition). They plan to steal a whole lot of money from the Charlott, NC race track where a NASCAR race is taking place. Since the brothers are no experts when it comes to cracking a safe, they are hiring Joe Bang (what a name, what a performance from James Bond himself, Daniel Craig) except there is a little problem: He is still in jail... what to do, what to do... If you want to find out, watch this gloriously funny flick.

6: Loving - dir.: Jeff Nichols (2016) - DVD/BluRay

That this movie is a true story, taking place in 1950s America is flat out stunning, and infuriating. Mildred (Ruth Negga) and Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) are a normal married couple, expect for the fact that she is black and he is white. That is all. In today's society it should not be an issue at all and yet those were the - terrible - days. Both of them were incarcerated and were banned from their home state of Virginia, where they built a house and where their families lived. The film does an incredible job of showing not only their struggle in an extremly xenophobic society, but it is the portrayal of love, that really sets this film apart from many others. The chemistry between the two leads is tangible and just one of the most touching love stories put on film in the last couple of years.

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The Big Sick (2017)

"I can't get my head around it / I keep feeling smaller and smaller / I need my girl"

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Die ehrlichste und cleverste Liebesgeschichte der letzten Jahre

Kumail Nanjiani ist ein Stand-Up Comedian und Schauspieler (u.a. bekannt aus der Serie "Silicon Valley"), der gebürtig aus Pakistan stammt. In seinem auf wahren Begebenheiten beruhendem Film wird seine Lebens- und vor allem Liebesgeschichte mit seiner jetzigen Frau Emily V. Gordon (im Film von Zoe Kazan gespielt), die als weiße Amerikanerin einen ungemein großen kulturellen Kontrast zu Kumails (er spielt sich selbst, oder vielmehr eine Version seiner selbst, es gab ein paar Veränderungen) traditionell bewusstem Elternhaus bildet. Laut seiner Eltern soll er nämlich eine junge pakistanische Dame heiraten, die sich scheinbar wie durch Zufall zur Zeit des allabendlichen Abendessens im Kreis der Familie vorstellen.

Das erste Jahr der Beziehung von Kumail, der als Stan-Up Comedian in einem kleine Chicagoer Club auftrifft und Emily, die als Psychiaterin arbeitet, ist als, wie ihr schon gemerkt habt, nicht gerade leicht zu bezeichnen, es kommen einige Hindernisse in den Weg. Der Film nimmt eine ziemlich heftige Wendung, die im Trailer bereits zu sehen ist, wer allerdings vollkommen unvoreingenommen in den Film gehen möchte - den es seit kurzen bei AMAZON PRIME zu sehen gibt - der sollte ab jetzt nicht mehr weiterlesen. Schaut euch den Film einfach an, er lohnt sich!!!


Die Probleme mit Kumails Familie nehmen überhand, so dass sich Emily und er sich trennen. Einige Zeit später erhält Kumail allerdings nachts einen Anruf von Emilys bester Freundin mit der Nachricht, dass er ins Krankenhaus kommen solle, Emily wurde dort eingeliefert und sie habe keine Angehörigen in Chicago. Kurzerhand fährt er zu ihr (ein Auto hat er stets parat, er arbeitet schließlich nebenbei als Fahrer für UBER), wird nicht gerade fröhlich empfangen und als er sich schon wieder auf dem Weg machen will, wird klar, dass sie unter einem heftigen Infekt leidet. Sie wird in ein künstliches Koma gesetzt und Kumail ist der einzige, der übrigbleibt. Emilys Eltern werden verständigt, sie reisen aus dem weit entfernten North Carolina an. Als Beth und Terry (Helen Hunt und Ray Romano, beide spielen sensationell gut) schließlich anreisen, gerät die Situation nach und nach außer Kontrolle, vor allem weil Emily nach wie vor im Koma liegt und von ihrer Außenwelt nichts mitbekommen.

Kumail ist hin- und hergerissen zwischen seiner Verbundenheit zu seiner Familie, die solche eine Beziehung zu einer weißen Frau nie zulassen würde (er hält es geheim), seinem Gig im Comedy-Club, bei dem nun auch ein Talentscout sich seine Show ansieht und letztlich seine Gefühle gegenüber Emily, mit der er noch nicht abgeschlossen hat.

Wie verhält man sich, wenn eine geliebte Person krank wird, wie entscheidet man sich zwischen Familie und dem Partner? All diese Fragen plus eine große Portion Humor und Drama verknüpft dieser Film meisterhaft. Durch die lebendigen, komplett ungekünstelten Dialoge und herzzereißenden Szenen (das Drehbuch wurde völlig zurecht für den Oscar nominiert) ist dies kein einfacher, aber dafür umso emotionalerer und schlichtweg besserer Film über das menschliche Miteinander, als man es vom Titel und der Story vorher vermutet hätte. Meine vollste Empfehlung. 

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Podcast: Top 20, 2000 - Part 2

Hot Damn! It's the Soggy-Bottom-Boys!!!

Welcome back to a new episode of 'Mattes Filmclub Podcast'!!

Today we continue with part two of my favourite films of 2000, this time from number 17 to 13. ENJOY!

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