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Last 10, Top 10 - August 2018, Part 1 (10-06)

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Welcome back to this glorious website, celebrating all things movies. In this latest entry I would like to share with you the last ten movies I watched and I will rank them in order of my preference. I you want to find out a little more about the movies I'm writing about, visit my letterboxd profile. And as always, ENJOY!! (shout-out to Chef John)

For this month's selection I've gotta say that most films were excellent so it was really hard for me to get this bunch in order.

10: Dredd - dir.: Pete Travis (2012) - Amazon Prime

The remake of the 1995 Sly Stallone action flick delivers an awesome dystopian atmosphere and ACTION in capital letters. Like the modern classic "The Raid", "Dredd" is located in a huge appartment building, where a helplessly outgunned, outmanned (Thanks, Burr) group  - this time a masked Carl Urban and his young partner with some great supernatural tricks up her sleeve. An enjoyable flick which sadly gets a little stale during the middle, some variation would have been appreciated.

9: mother! - dir.: Darren Aronofsky (2017) - Amazon Prime

Where to start... this CRAZY movie is one large biblical allegory. When you know about this premise, then you are on the lucky side, don't take it too seriously. Jennifer Lawrence is a woman living in a big house with her husband played by Javier Bardem. While she is constantly decorating and building the house, he is a writer and one day some people come to their house to live there, to the dismay of her. Weirdness galore but truly a fascinating watch that shifts into another gear when she is with child. A movie not for the faint of heart. But if you want to see something unique and demanding movies of the last few years.

8: A Walk Among The Tombstones - dir.: Scott Frank (2014) - Netflix

A Liam Neeson action flick without that much "Taken" action? And I really enjoyed this one?! Hell yeah I did. What we have here is more in the mold of classic private investigator movies like "Maltese Falcon" or "Chinatown" (not that "Tombstones" reaches the quality of those, don't get me wrong). Neeson plays a former cop turned PI who is hired by a quite shady and un-Matthew-Crawley-like Dan Stevens to locate his missing wife. This movie has some great suspensful moments and a charming side-kick. Nothing special but if you are craving for a really solid thriller, this one migth be it.

7: Logan Lucky - dir.: Steven Soderbergh (2017) - Amazon Prime (Trailer hidden in the headline)

NOW we are entering absolute must-watch territory. What a blast this one is. Located in rural West Virginia (Country Rooooooads), this gangster heist movie feels like a hilarious white-trash version of "Ocean's Eleven" which of course was ALSO directed by Soderbergh, he really makes this kind of genre so enjoyable. Anyway, we have the Logan brothers - Channing Tatum, dealing with a stiff leg - and Adam Driver, missing one arm (the old Skywalker tradition). They plan to steal a whole lot of money from the Charlott, NC race track where a NASCAR race is taking place. Since the brothers are no experts when it comes to cracking a safe, they are hiring Joe Bang (what a name, what a performance from James Bond himself, Daniel Craig) except there is a little problem: He is still in jail... what to do, what to do... If you want to find out, watch this gloriously funny flick.

6: Loving - dir.: Jeff Nichols (2016) - DVD/BluRay

That this movie is a true story, taking place in 1950s America is flat out stunning, and infuriating. Mildred (Ruth Negga) and Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) are a normal married couple, expect for the fact that she is black and he is white. That is all. In today's society it should not be an issue at all and yet those were the - terrible - days. Both of them were incarcerated and were banned from their home state of Virginia, where they built a house and where their families lived. The film does an incredible job of showing not only their struggle in an extremly xenophobic society, but it is the portrayal of love, that really sets this film apart from many others. The chemistry between the two leads is tangible and just one of the most touching love stories put on film in the last couple of years.

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